Photopolymer Printing Plates

Photopolymer Printing Plates for use in :

1. Flexographic Printing
2. Letterpress Printing
3. Dry Offset Printing
4. Security Printing
5. UV Coating application
6. Pad Printing
7. Rubber Stamps and Roller Stamps
8. Embossing

Flexible Packaging

All kinds of lamination adhesives, heal seal lacquers, barrier coating, E beam varnish and other speciahsed coatings for flexible packaging application.

Metal Packaging

Metal Packaging :
Specialized Coatings and inks used fpr protecttion and decoration of metal containers, beverage canes, food packaging, industrial packagings etc.

Digital Printing

Digital Printing :
We offer all types of paper and media includings non tearable paper, lustre paper etc used in digital printing for all kinds of printers.

Tapes for Industrial Application

Speciality Tapes for Industrial Application

1. Double Side Foam , cloth , polyester tapes for mounting of Photopolymer Plates used in flexographic and letterpress printing.
2. Lithographic tapes for pre press application
3. Splicing tapes for flexo printing , gravure printing and packaging industry
4. Special Tapes for maintaining web tension
5. Special tapes for Holography
6. Tapes for newspaper and corrugation industry.

Cleaning Chemicals

CLEANING CHEMICALS – We offer daily and periodic cleners specially fomnlated for maintenance and cleaing of photopolymer plats and anilox rollers. This ensures good and consistent print quality and long life of plates and rollers.

Masterbatches, Fillers and Additive Agents

MASTERBATCHES , FILLERS AND ADDITIVE AGENTS used for plastic film extrusion, Injection/blow monlding and sheet extrusion wide range of colors and specialized additives to enhance proceisability and performance of product.


Equipments :

1. Photopolymer plate making equipment – Stack Type Combi units , Inlind plate washers , Solvent Recovery Machines.
2. Photopolymer Plate Mounting Device with cameras
3. Photopolymer plates and Anilox Rollers Cleaning machines.